One of the works I was commissioned by G2 Worldwide, was a mobile website for Pillsbury. While the site was never launched, it was a fully responsive mobile website that spanned along all handheld devices. Built on a jquery mobile base, it included carousels and page sliding animations on link interaction by the user. It also included CSS3 and custom designed form elements.


A minor project at G2 Worldwide, I was asked to update some of the content within the php encoded website with my own php code, while keeping the form of the site's template with CSS.


While at Scholastic, I was part of a team of developers that had to speed build a large scale website for the Read 180 Next Generation project in the span of two weeks, while working with php developers to tie in interactive code sections.


At Tribal DDB, I was the developer responsible for building out an email campaign for Thermacare. This involved inline css and use of tables for email compatibility.


One of my own freelance works in 2009, I created custom solution for the owner of Thank Dog, a dog daycare located in Brooklyn, NY. What made this project stand out for me was that, while designing the site, I decided to go out and take a picture of the front of the store, to add a personal touch to the website. On top of that, the client showed me a photo of his two dogs that had recently passed at the time. I was able to copy the dogs out of the picture and place them in the door as a memorial, to make the site personal for him.